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Business advisory

Business advisory

Our Compass Consulting Woman advisory team offers a holistic view of the business operations, with the ability to manage all of your needs in-house. You and your business will receive the necessary skills, know-how, structure and support mechanisms in place to give you the winning edge...
Successful businesses plan for growth and regularly measure performance so that they are strategically placed to respond to market changes and opportunities. Planning for growth involves high-level analysis of your existing or planned business structure and systems to ensure that your working capital is sufficient to fund your growth plans, as well as analysing your business aspirations in the context of your marketplace and competitors. Our team brings a diverse range of expertise to your business, with an approach that is both innovative and challenging. We focus on ways to optimise your company's profitability today while planning for sustainable business growth. We will work with you to plan for growth by identifying the issues unique to your business, developing a plan and making it happen. Compass Consulting Woman Business Advisory Services works with you and your professional advisors to build a comprehensive plan focused on your specific needs. Our experienced professionals have both the knowledge and objectivity to navigate the important issues related to a business transfer or sale. The firm offers a wide range of specialized services and we can assist you in developing and implementing an effective plan.


There is no escaping the fact that if you hope your company will achieve future growth, you need to do the necessary work today for that to happen. For this reason, Compass Consulting has created a variety of business services designed for the woman talent around the most important elements to your company's growth: company incorporation, strategy building, industry advisory and controlling. Our major difference is consideration the you life stage, personal values and business in the same line for all the processes we advise.


Whether you have specific financial goals to achieve—such as accumulating wealth, saving for the future, or living comfortably in retirement—or you want to develop and implement a comprehensive financial plan that encompasses all of your goals,Compass Consulting  wealth advisors can help.


Through an Compass Consulting wealth advisor, wealthy qualified investor women can have access to complex products and strategies that seek to protect your assets from economic negative changes, such as market volatility and address your liquidity needs.

We provide a number of business advisory services, including:

  • Company incorporation;  
  • Strategic and business planning in specific industries;
  • Private and family business planning
  • Inheritance advisory
  • Business acquisitions and sales financial analysis
  • Forecasting and sensitivity analysis
  • Investor and Management reporting
  • Profit and cash flow analysis and improvement
  • Succession planning 
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