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Charity advisory

Charity advisory

We work with you to understand your personal values and financial situation to assist you in fulfilling your charitable objectives.Compass Consulting Woman wealth advisors are able to create and implement practical strategies that balance family priorities and support charitable goals...
Whether you donate time, money, or experience, few decisions are more personal and heartfelt than those surrounding philanthropy. As you support the causes and organizations important to you, how you give matters as much as what you give. Compass Consulting wealth advisors can help you achieve your charitable vision and make the most of your gifts. Our specialists help you evaluate your giving strategies, determine your needs, and create a comprehensive, efficient gifting plan. Decisions you make today can have long-lasting effects, so we take the time to help you clearly define your goals and explore many different charitable giving options. As you plan your charitable giving, we can help you consider your personal objectives outside of philanthropy. You might want an income stream during your lifetime, or you plan to support the needs of your loved ones. To accomplish your objectives, we work with you to develop a giving approach that best fits within your overall wealth management plan. We can then help you determine the timing of your gifts. Sometimes an immediate, one-time gift makes the most sense. You choose the organization you want to sponsor and allow it to have control over how the money will be used.


Education charities serve students from every age group, pre-school to graduate school and beyond. Some serve as the educational institutions while focus on making education more accessible and effective.


Health charities cover everything from supporting and treating the sick and disabled, working on cures for deseases, and promoting public awareness of specific health risks.


These types of charities help preserve artistic and cultural heritage as well as celebrate the arts and our history.


Environmental Charities focus on ways to promote preservation, appreciation, and sustainable development for the environment.


This particular type of charity can be broken down further into four distinct groups: a) wildlife conservation organizations; b) pet and animal welfare organizations; c) hunting & fishing conservation groups; d) zoos and aquariums

A gift made upon your death allows you to retain control of and use assets during your lifetime, potentially growing the size of the gift based on your investment strategy. This type of gift can benefit future generations. A gift made through a trust, foundation, or donor advised fund gives you a great deal of flexibility in determining how your money will be used. These gifts can even be structured to give you or others an income stream.
Main types of charity structures we advise are:

  • charitable incorporated organisation
  • charitable company (limited by guarantee)
  • unincorporated association
  • charitable (purpose) trusts
  • foundations
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