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Estate planning

Estate planning

Regardless of marital status or net worth, women need to make decisions and arrangements today in order to protect themselves, their husbands or partners, and other loved ones in case of incapacity or death.... An estate plan is a map that reflects the way you want your personal and financial affairs to be handled in the future.
We strive to help our clients clearly understand all elements of our personal and estate planning services and provide explanatory letters that spell out any proposed plans. While important to both sexes, estate planning often affects women more profoundly. Women live longer on average and tend to marry older spouses,
making them three times as likely as men to be widowed at 65. So for women, estate planning is a crucial part of retirement planning. And since they usually survive their spouses, women more often have the last word about how much wealth goes to family, charity or the taxman.
In this view our team has helped our clients define their personal estate objectives, benefit from the significant tax savings that can result in proper planning, and achieve seamless estate transitions. Within broad limits of the law, you can allocate the distribution of your assets pretty much as you wish. Remember, if you do not choose, the probate court in the country where you reside will and your heirs will have no say in how your estate is distributed. Worse, conflicts could tie up your estate in probate, possibly for years.  Compass Consulting Woman’s offer includes setting up revocable trusts and wills, durable powers of attorney, health care powers of attorney and living wills, life insurance trusts, charitable trusts, minors’ trusts and pet trusts.


A Power of Attorney form is used to grant an individual the power to act on your behalf, such as tending to your financial affairs.


As a general rule, it's better to give away money to your loved ones during your lifetime than to wait until after you pass away. There are numerous ways to give money gift-tax free while you're alive—and even if your gift is taxable, at least the recipient will be able to enjoy the gift's full value while you pay the taxes on it. In contrast, if your estate is subject to the estate tax, those taxes will come directly out of what your loved ones would otherwise inherit.


When you’re going through a major life transition, we understand that it can oftentimes be overwhelming to think about finances. However, during these transitions, it becomes more important than ever to plan for the future. Whether you are planning a marriage, trying to adjust after divorce, becoming a parent, or even caring for an aging parent, it is important to be aware of how your financial situation may be affected. Accurate and detailed planning can increase the likelihood that you’ll have financial success as you move into this new chapter of your life.


We are dedicated to providing you with a customized wealth plan that helps to accomplish your goals while complying with ever-changing global and state laws. Our services will cover preparing appropriate documents to protect you and your assets, including wills, revocable and irrevocable trusts, special needs trusts, living wills, private foundations.


Our advisors may assist in tax structuring advice for Compass Consultingl Woman's both self-earned and inherited woman clients, helping you to minimise your tax burden during setting up and maintenance of offshore structures, disposals, relocation to the other countries, refinancing or restructuring of your personal or company assets, acquisition of real estate, etc.

Some common basic types of estate planning services include:

  • Expressing your wishes with regards to medical care, and designating an individual to make medical decisions for you when you cannot;
  • Providing for your family if you become disabled or die;
  • Minimizing delays and frustrations of estate settlement;
  • Helping your family avoid unnecessary estate tax liability;
  • Managing your financial and legal affairs if you become disabled;
  • Benefiting a charity or university endowment, or investing in impact projects;
  • Controlling the distribution of your assets.
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