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Wealth Structuring

Wealth Structuring

Wealth structuring is about far more than meeting your short and medium term needs - rather, it is designed to give real effect to your aspirations and values... Holding personal and business assets internationally means you need to plan carefully to achieve your objectives in the most flexible and efficient manner.
Our wealth structuring services provide individuals and families with customized solutions addressing their unique needs and goals. Your wealth structuring specialist works in partnership with your legal and tax advisers to design, and implement the structure most appropriate to your unique circumstances using tailored asset holding vehicles and associated services. Additionally, your wealth structuring specialist consults with you about integrating governance oversight that takes into account decision making, family values, dispute resolution as well as the allocation and management of assets. We believe the best wealth management plans integrate all aspects of our clients’ wealth. From utilizing cash flow, to managing portfolios, to implementing wealth transfer strategies, the professionals at Compass Consulting  work together to create a comprehensive plan designed to ensure your financial future and your legacy for generations to come.


It involves the creation of a domestic and/or international framework for wealth management that receives income from different streams and able to distribute to established purposes or any sudden reason in a required time.


Compass Consulting wealth advisors assist you to delineate and separate your personal assets from your business assets for protection or other purposes and also to consolidate for better control, for reducing complexity, for tax avoidance.


Every asset bought or received as an inheritance change the structure of the private wealth, it is important to to revise total portfolio and legal vehicles in order to achieve better control of total wealth.


The team is adept at all aspects of personal and business taxation such as: structuring tax efficient acquisitions and investments; ownership and disposal of shares, securities and real estate; the interpretation of double taxation treaties; M&A transactions, and the use of reliefs for inheritance taxes.


We advise wealthy individuals how and when to use wills, trusts, foundations, corporate entities and other vehicles to protect your long-term financial interests and, more importantly, those of your family.

We support you with:

  • Estate planning tailored to the particular needs of individuals and families
  • Double Tax Structuring for Personal assets;
  • Corporate advice to underlying structures
  • Creation of holding structures to hold private assets (jets, yachts, real estate, family business, etc.)
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